Grafitti examples on and around Cooley Place

We were told when this happened that it was 'necessary' and the debate goes on whether it is city or gang grafitti, but it appeared right before the lamp posts went up. I've since seen these around town, very small near business electrical outlets, etc. but none as large as what we have.

Image 1. Driveway, 2235 Cooley Place (next to lamp post). Almost every house near a lamp post has this in their driveway. I can make a list of addresses.


Image 2. One of my favorite examples -- Sidewalk. I think this one is still in District 2. Foreground is on the corner. The one at the top of the photo is pointing to a base. I'll have to go check the exact address.


Image 3. Another corner sidewalk. I'll have to get the address of this one too.


I ran out of film at this point, but these are good examples.

I was in the middle of this project when I had a stroke, so I wasn't able to complete the survey.

Kathleen Clark