Mind Harp's Music Page

This site is under construction. It will contain many MUSIC links, since Mind Harp's world revolves around all types of music. To start with, my major influences are the following:

Power chords that make me happy. I like things I can't explain and this is one of them. How can I come home totally drained, put on this music and 5 minutes later feel I've had a full night's sleep? Full of laughter and love of life? I finally met and did some work for these guys and they even put me on the credits for one of their albums (right after the guitars!) so life is full of all kinds of happy surprises!

Two of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I love wondering what they are going to come up with next. They make me want to jump into my dreams and make mine just as much a reality as they have made theirs. A real inspiration.

Lullabies for the soul. I used to dream music like this before I ever knew this already existed somewhere. Maybe this is why I have always played Celtic and Troubadour harps.

I am also starting a Literary Sound Library. Literary sounds that you can see and hear. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

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