Law & Order
Conclusion Scenes
(and alphabetical episode guide)

"The first half is a murder mystery. The second half is a moral mystery"
- Dick Wolf, series creator

Last modified: 01-07-02

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This guide contains an alphabetical listing of all Law & Order episode titles, followed by the season-episode number and the text from the final ("denouement") scene of that episode. This concluding scene often sums up the lessons learned during the episode and is often quoted and referred to by followers of the series. Hence, the creation of this webpage. Note: This list includes the CBS pilot which was aired by NBC as episode 1-006.

Act of God, 5-105

Admissions, 9-203

Aftershock, 6-134

Agony, 9-186

Ambitious, 9-202

American Dream, 4-074

Angel, 6-119

[Assistant District Attorneys Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid are having drinks at a table in a restaurant after the verdict]

Claire: "To tell you the truth, I didn't think you'd pull that one off."
Jack: "What can I say, Freud's out, the devil's in.
Claire: "Admit it, Jack, you were a little tough on that priest."
Jack: "When you're raised by the Jesuits you end up obedient or impertinent.

[A waiter comes and puts a drink on the table in front of Jack]

Jack: "I didn't order this."
Waiter: "It's on the gentleman at the bar."

[Jack turns to see the defense attorney at the bar, raising a glass to him]

Jack: "Take it back."

[The waiter picks up the drink and leaves]

Claire: "You can't forgive anyone, huh?"
Jack: "No, I can't. Besides, that was bourbon. I'm drinking scotch."

[Jack takes a sip and looks sideways at Claire...FADE OUT]

Animal Instinct, 3-062

[Ten months later District Attorney Adam Schiff and Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone are sitting in Adam's office. Assistant District Attorney Paul Robinette enters with a motion in his hand]

Paul: "Susan Boyd's going for a record. This is her sixteenth motion. I doubt we ever get to trial."
Ben: "She uses an out-of-date prison library and her work is better than anything I've ever seen from a Wall Street law firm."
Adam: " 'The truth is ugly, so we put our prophets in prison.' "
Ben: "Oscar Wilde?"
Adam: "Charles Manson."

[Close-up of Ben's face as he contemplates the irony...FADE OUT]

Apocrypha, 4-073

Aria, 2-025

Asylum, 2-026

[Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone and Defense Attorney Skolar are walking together outside the courthouse after meeting with the judge.]

Skolar: "I'm two?"
Stone: "I'm thinking murder two, he does 25 to life."
Skolar: "I'll appeal, we'll start over."
Stone: "I'll be here."
Skolar: "Manslaughter one."
Stone: "All right, but Mr. Polesky does the max."
Skolar: "My client won't be very happy, but at least he'll have a roof over his head for the next 25 years."
Stone: "So does Lemonhead -- a rubber cell at Bellevue. And then there's Nathan Robbins -- he's got six feet of dirt over his head. So what does happy got to do with it?"

[Mr. Skolar nods acceptingly in agreement as they shake hands. He watches as Ben leaves and crosses the street]

Atonement, 6-129

Baby, It's You, 8-163

Bad Faith, 5-108

Bait, 9-184

Barter, 7-146

Benevolence, 3-066

Big Bang, 4-082

Bitter Fruit, 6-112

Black Tie, 4-071

Black, White and Blue, 10-222

Blood, 8-164

Blood Is Thicker, 2-036

Blood Libel, 6-120

Blood Money, 10-213

Blue Bamboo, 5-091

Blue Wall, The, 1-022

Born Bad, 4-075

Breeder, 4-079

Burden, 8-177

Burn Baby Burn, 11-235

Burned, 8-166

By Hooker, By Crook, 1-007

Carrier, 8-174

Castoff, 8-170

Causa Mortis, 7-135

Censure, 4-080

Charm City, 6-124

Cherished, 9-182

Collision, 10-216

Coma, 5-090

Competence, 5-094

[Lieutenant Anita Van Buren walks into a bar and joins Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy at the counter]

Anita: "I hear Zack Rowland cut a deal."
Jack: "Lieutenant, It's 9 o'clock, I'm in a bar, I've got a glass of 8-year-old scotch in front of me, I don't talk business."
Anita: "Tell me something, counselor, were you born a wise-ass, or did it just come with the job?"
Jack: "I'm a pussy cat. You should have seen my old man...."
Anita: "Your old man...."
Jack: "He was a cop -- you knew that. If it had been him who was unlucky enough to be in front of that ATM instead of you, there probably would have been TWO dead kids lying on the sidewalk."
Anita: "And you would have dragged him in front of the grand jury."
Jack: "Damn right. I would have gotten an indictment too."

[Jack grins at Anita. She grins back and softly laughs...FADE OUT]

Confession, 2-023

Conduct Unbecoming, 3-061

Conspiracy, 3-046

Consultation, 3-054

Corporate Veil, The, 3-048

Corpus Dilecti, 6-122

Corruption, 7-139

Cradle to Grave, 2-040

Cruel and Unusual, 5-107

Custody, 6-125

Damaged, 8-179

Deadbeat, 7-141

Death in the Family, A, 1-013

Deceit, 6-128

Denial, 8-159

Disappeared, 8-175

Disciple, 9-196

Discord, 4-069

Dissonance, 11-232

Divorce, 8-173

DNR, 10-208

Double Blind, 7-140

Double Down, 7-153

Doubles, 4-087

DWB, 9-183

Empire, 9-201, (Note: NBC calls this the 200th episode, but they are not counting the CBS pilot which was shown by NBC as episode 1-006)

Encore, 6-126

Endurance, 11-230,

Entitled (2), 10-219

Entrapment, 7-143

Everybody's Favorite Bagman, 1-006

Exiled: A Law & Order Movie, 9-186A, (added to episode list to reflect departure of Profaci from the show)

Expert, 8-169

Extended Family, 3-055

Faccia a Faccia, 8-172

Family Business, 7-142

Family Values, 5-092

Fertile Fields, The, 2-041

Flight, 9-185

Fools for Love, 10-220

Forgiveness, 3-047

Girlfriends, 6-131

Golden Years, 4-077

Good Girl, 7-137

God Bless the Child, 2-027

Grief, 8-171

Guardian, 5-099

Gunshow, 10-206

Happily Ever After, 1-005

Harm, 9-197

Harvest, 8-161

Hate, 9-191

Haven, 9-193

Heaven, 2-032

Helpless, 3-050

High & Low, 10-227

His Hour Upon the Stage, 2-033

Homesick, 6-133

Hot Pursuit, 6-116

House Counsel, 5-098

Humiliation, 6-118

Hunters, 9-194

I.D., 7-136

[Assistant District Attorneys Jamie Ross and Jack McCoy join District Attorney Adam Schiff outside courthouse]

Jamie: "The jury was back in 10 minutes."
Jack: "She's going away despite Judge Marks."
Adam: [pained] "That's good."

[Adam turns and walks away]

Jack: "What's the matter? Your leg acting up?"

[Adam stops and turns back]

Adam: "When Nathan Marks became a judge most of his colleagues cared only about getting re-elected and getting Fridays off. Marks made himself a royal pain. He cared mostly about justice."
Jack: "It went to his head, Adam. He brought himself down."
Adam: [pained] "Yeah  -- pardon me if I don't celebrate."

[Adam turns and continues to walk away. Jack soon follows in the opposite direction. Jamie is left standing alone on the courthouse steps...FADEOUT]

Indifference, 1-009

Intolerance, 2-042

In Memory Of, 2-029

Jeopardy, 6-115

Judgment in L.A.: D-girl, 7-149

Judgment in L.A.: Showtime, 7-151

Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround, 7-150

Jurisdiction, 3-060

Justice, 10-210

Juvenile, 9-199

Kids, 4-081

Killerz, 10-207

Kiss the Girls and Make them Die, 1-004

[Assistant District Attorneys Ben Stone and Paul Robinette are seated in the courtroom after 'guilty' verdict has been read.]

Paul: "Feel good?"
Ben: "Well, it's just preventative detention. Loomis destroyed every life he ever touched. We didn't change that one iota."

[Paul turns in his seat to look at victim's parents.]

Paul: "At least we gave them justice."

[Ben turns in his seat to look at victim's parents and watches them hug. Close-up of Ben's face.]

Ben: "Justice doesn't give you grandchildren."

[Close-up remains on Ben's face...FADE OUT]

Legacy, 7-144

[District Attorney Adam Schiff and Assistant District Attorneys Jack McCoy and Jamie Ross are leaving Adam's office for the night]

Jamie: "Almost a record. They convicted him in an hour and a half."
Adam: "How's the wife doing?"
Jack: "Shaky, but she served him with divorce papers on his way out of the courtroom."
Adam: "Got to be tough finding out you're married to a stalker."

[Adam turns out the light and the three of them walk down the hallway...FADE OUT]

Life Choices, 1-012

Loco Parentis, 10-215

Mad Dog, 7-152

Manhood, 3-065

Marathon, 10-211

Matrimony, 7-147

Mayhem, 4-083

Mega, 10-223

Menace, 7-145

Merger, 10-209

Misconception, 2-028

Monster, 8-181

Mother Love, 3-059

Mother's Milk, 10-217

Mushrooms, 1-017

Narcosis, 10-226

Navy Blues, 8-160

Night and Fog, 3-057

Nullification, 8-162

Nurture, 4-086

Old Friends, 4-088

Out of Control, 2-030

Out of the Half-Light, 1-011

Panic, 10-218

Paranoia, 6-117

Passion, 7-155

Past Imperfect, 7-156

Patsy, 10-212

Performance, 5-102

Point of View, 3-053

Poison Ivy, 1-008

Precious, 5-095

Prescription for Death, 1-001

Pride, 5-111

Pride and Joy, 4-072

Prince of Darkness, 3-052

Prisoner of Love, 1-010

Privileged, 5-106

Profile, 4-070

Progeny, 5-100

Promises to Keep, 3-058

Pro Se, 6-132

Punk, 9-189

Purple Heart, 5-109

Pursuit of Happiness, The, 4-076

[Assistant District Attorneys Claire Kincaid and Ben Stone are walking together outside the courthouse]

Claire: "She comes from Russia, ends up in a cell at Bedford for three years."
Ben: "Nunoz wanted to save her, he ends up killing a guy, and goes away for fifteen."
Claire: "I think she might wait for him."
Ben: "She came for the American dream, waited all her life for it -- maybe she'll wait for him."

[Claire and Ben continue walking...FADE OUT]

Rage, 5-101

Ramparts, 9-192

Rebels, 6-113

Reaper's Helper, The

Refuge (1), 9-204

Refuge (2), 9-205

Remand, 6-121

Renunciation, 2-031

Return, 11-234

[District Attorney Nora Lewin and Assistant District Attorneys Jack McCoy and Abbie Carmichael are walking down a corridor]

Nora: "By this time tomorrow night he'll be on his way to Tel Aviv."
Abbie: "The U. S. Marshall Service asked if we had any objection to him being accompanied by a rabbi on the flight."
Nora: "Did you?"
Jack: "No, we didn't."
Nora: "Do you still think he's getting away with it?"
Jack: "I think we treated him differently because of political pressure under the guise of religious devotion. Do I think he got away with it? I think for the first time in his life he didn't."

[Nora grins, extending her hand upward in approval, turns, and walks away...FADE OUT]

Right to Counsel, 3-056

Ritual, 8-167

Sanctuary, 4-085

[District Attorney Adam Schiff and Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone are sitting in Adam's office after the hung jury]

Ben: "At retrial we exclude their expert testimony and the jury only hears our witnesses."
Adam: "There's not going to be a retrial."

[Incredulous look from Ben as he leans forward]

Ben: "Isaac Roberts killed an innocent man. You're going to let him walk?"
Adam: "If I thought we could impanel a jury that would give us a chance at convicting, I'd try the case myself..."

[Ben stands up, still incredulous, and leans forward on Adam's desk]

Adam: "...Now, you'd think twenty years in this office, you'd have a sense of reality...."
Ben: "Reality? The 'reality' is that no one is willing to stand up and draw a line in the sand. Nobody is willing to say that the law is the law and if you break it you will be prosecuted: win,lose or draw."
Adam: "Nobody except you, of course."
Ben: "Adam, better to light a match than to curse the darkness."
Adam: "Even if it lights a fuse that could blow up this city?"
Ben: "What do you want? Peace without justice?"
Adam: "I'm willing to straddle the fence so this city can heal. Can you understand that?"
Ben: [pauses] "Yup...I understand it -- and that cure [pause] is worse than the disease."

[Ben stands, walks backwards towards door, and opens it still looking at Adam]

Ben: "And it is a solution that I just can't be part of."

[Ben leaves and closes the door. Parting shot of Adam at his desk, contemplating Ben's last words...FADE OUT]

Savages, 6-114

Savior, 6-127

Scoundrel, 5-097

Scrambled, 9-187

Second Opinion, 5-089

Secret Sharers, The, 1-018

Securitate, 3-064

[District Attorney Adam Schiff and Assistant District Attorneys Ben Stone and Paul Robinette are walking to the elevator at the end of the work day]

Paul: "Leon went a long way trying to win his father's love."
Adam: "From the sound of it, it wasn't worth winning."
Ben: "They say a boy doesn't become a man until his father passes away."

[They enter elevator and turn to face the door]

Ben: "Leon took care of it in one fell swoop."

[Elevator door closes...FADE OUT]

Seed, 5-103

Self Defense, 3-051

Serpent's Tooth, The, 1-019

Severance, 2-035

Shadow, 8-165

Shield, 9-198

Sideshow, 9-195

Silence, 2-043

Sisters of Mercy, 2-039

Skin Deep, 3-045

Slave, 6-130

Snatched, 4-078

Sonata for Solo Organ, 1-021

Stalker, 8-175

Standoff, 11-233

[Assistant District Attorneys Abbie Carmichael and Jack McCoy are packing case files into a large carton. District Attorney Nora Lewin enters.]

Nora: "People v. Bennett?"
Jack: "All packed up and headed for central files."
Nora: "File it under jury nullification -- Texas law in Manhattan."
Abbie: "They tried the victim..."
Jack: "And made the badge a license to kill."

[Close-up of filled carton as Jack lifts it from the desk...FADE OUT]

Star Struck, 2-034

Stiff, 10-228

Subterranean Homeboy Blues, 1-002

[Defense Attorney Shambala Green and Defendant Laura di Biasi are on the courthouse steps talking to reporters]

Shambala: "Naturally, my client is gratified that justice has been served. We look upon this not only as a personal vindication, but also a victory for every woman, and man, that rides the subway or walks the streets of New York."
Laura: "And I want to thank the district attorneys for having the courage of their conviction."

[Assistant District Attorneys Ben Stone and Paul Robinette are walking away from courthouse]

Paul: "It's not a perfect world, but at least we can walk away from this one feeling like we did the right thing."
Ben: "Really? It feels to me like all we did was make two wrongs seem like a right."

[They continue to walk away...FADE OUT]

Sundown, 10-214

Surrender Dorothy, 10-224

Survivor, 7-138

Sweeps, 4-067

Switch, 5-110

Tabloid, 8-180

Tabula Rasa, 9-200 (Note: NBC calls Empire the 200th episode, but they are not counting the CBS pilot which was shown by NBC as episode 1-006)

Terminal, 7-157

Thrill, 8-158

Torrents of Greed I, 1-015

Torrents of Greed II

Trade This, 10-221

Trophy, 6-123

[District Attorney Adam Schiff, and Assistant District Attorneys Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid are walking out of the courthouse together]

Claire: "I took her plea: facilitation in the fourth degree. She does six months and gives up her license."
Adam: [to Jack] "You have habeas motions on my desk from every defendant that ever came here."
Jack: "I'll go through them."
Adam: "You bet you will."

[Adam walks off]

Jack: "You didn't have to take the deal, Claire. You could have won the case."
Claire: "I know...but, 'I thought that's what you wanted.' "

[Claire chuckles at her Diana Hawthorne quote and nudges Jack. They smile and walk off together...FADE OUT]

Troubles, The, 1-020

True North, 9-190

Trust, 2-037

Turnstile Justice, 11-231

Under the Influence, 8-168,

Untitled, 10-225

Vaya Con Dios, 10-229

Vengeance, 2-038

Venom, 9-188

Violence of Summer, The, 1-014

Virtue, 5-096

Virus, 3-063

Volunteers, 4-068

Wager, 4-084

Wages of Love, The, 2-024

Wannabe, 5-104

Wedded Bliss, 3-049

We Like Mike, 7-154

White Rabbit, 5-093

Working Mom, 7-148

Working Stiff, The, 2-044

Dick Wolf quoted by Bill Carter, "Stars Come and Go, but Law & Order Just Gets Stronger," New York Times, February 19, 1997.