Long Hair and the Golden Spiral


Hair cut to the divine proportion of the Golden Spiral exists. It is the technique currently used by Phylies Fohster. Over twenty years ago, she and her ex-husband, Hienrih (Robert) Richleigh, collaborated in developing this advanced technique influenced by Sassoon’s inverted-V, resulting in the anti-gravity, asymmetrical, blended, and exclusive texturized hair cut, based on The Golden Spiral.


I personally doubted that such a hair cut existed. Heinrih (Robert) made me a believer.


With Heinrih’s untimely passing in January 2008, it is of great personal comfort to know that Phylies (pronounced ‘Felice’) continues their Golden Spiral hair cutting technique at her salon in Pasadena, California.


Below is a link to her website for more information. Phylies uses the golden spiral technique on both short and long hair. Your search for a hair specialist who cuts hair using  the divine proportion of The Golden Spiral ends here. New life for your hair, long or short, begins at




1835 Casa Grande Street

Pasadena, CA 91104

(626) 791-6123

(626) 818-0302