Dear friends who are the fabric of smiles, hugs, laughter and tears, of inspiration and all things magical. We hold each other's hearts and hands and make a braided pathway through our shimmering galaxy of stars.
Kimberly Anne (Kimbalina, Kimakazee, Kimeroo, Kimmer, Kimbo - do you sense a lot of affection here? Kim has graduated from friend to god daughter, a totally magical being who takes our breath away with her sweetness and light ) 

Sylvia Woods (my harp teacher - when you play the Celtic harp it pays to live near and learn from the best! I miss the earlier photo of her in the woods in a cape playing her brass-strung Celtic harp) 

Diane Rush (Queen Mary Protector, Guardian, Modern-day 007, a true heroine in the making. John and I spent our wedding night on the Queen Mary in 1982, revisit her regularly, and are emotionally attached to everything affecting her. Diane cuts right to the chase and is getting us involved beyond our wildest dreams.  Also see the Queen Mary Foundation page for more insight into the real state of the Queen Mary today) 

Marie Grice Young (Titanic Survivor - I have adopted Marie and am preparing a web site for her. She was a school teacher on board the Titanic who ventured out of first class into the kitchens and cargoholds. Yet, strangely, her memoirs do not appear anywhere in the myriad of Titanic videos, documentaries, and books flooding the market today. My Titanic mission is to correct this by making her words easily accessible on the web) 

Kathleen Jordan (graphic artist and great great grandniece of Captain Smith of the Titanic. She has started a Children of the Titanic page and I hope to meet some of Marie Young's relatives there someday) 

Elizabeth Reid Steere (an internet sociologist whom I  affectionately call LadyHawke, due to her Australia to USA on-line romance. I will never forget all those TransPacific countdowns)  

tara Scofield (Fairy Lady and another on-line romancer. Flower fairies have invaded both our lives. I hope and pray that I shall never recover. This way to  Bill and tara - Their Story) 

Theresa Vanette (also known as Shakespeare's Peddler - who has created a wonderful business of needlework on the net. Heaven to me is playing with and touching colors all day long and Theresa fulfills my fantasies in every way) 

Portrait (Out of the Blue) - Enya