Nevada Barr Holds Out!

I found this glowing tribute to Nevada Barr in the May 1997 Mystery Guild selection booklet:

 "The best authors draw heavily on their own experiences. Still, I have to believe that Nevada Barr - as wonderfully as she writes - is holding out on us.

 She's a Park Ranger who has worked in each of the settings of her five Anna Pigeon novels. That I knew. But in a recent interview, I discovered that as a teenager, she learned to fly planes from her mother: a pioneer female pilot and aircraft mechanic...and one of the first women featured in People magazine.

 Nevada's also an actress with off-Broadway credentials and a veteran of TV commercials, radio voiceovers and regional theater.

 If ever Nevada - already a winner of Anthony and Agatha awards - decides to put even more of herself into her work, I'll rush to our mailroom for that manuscript myself. Then happily share it with you."

 - M. A. Eckels, Editor, Mystery Guild

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