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Repeat Offenders File

Due to health reasons I am no longer able to update and maintain the L&O Repeat Offender File and this website will soon be closing down.
However, the wonderful people at Apocrypha have graciously offered to maintain the file at their site, and accordingly, the file has moved to:
Please update your bookmarks and come visit soon at its new location.

 In closing, I personally want to thank all of you who have visited and been a part of these pages over the years and for all your help and friendship.

As for my future plans, I am slowly re-entering the world as a healing harpist, and am under the care and tutelage of a wonderful musician whose music helped me most after my massive cerebral stroke and whose music continues to influence and heal me in body, mind, and spirit to this day.

You can experience samples of his work at:

The Ladder of the Soul

With a very sincere and heartfelt L&O "chung-chung,"

August 2005