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"National parks are the home of our history, dyed in our blood,
warmed by our hopes, inspired by our accomplishments.
Memories of who we were, knowledge of who we are,
and dreams of who we can hope to become."

 - Nevada Barr -

(updated 06/14/06)

Welcome to the Nevada Barr Resource Page. Engaging and down-to-earth, Ms. Barr entwines the cycle of nature throughout her mystery books with her character, Anna Pigeon, a National Parks Ranger. Add the increasing congestion in our national parks, and you have a heroine forced to live in two worlds at once. If you aren't currently familiar with Nevada Barr and her writing, please read on. She is wonderful!

Attention Rangers! Nevada's new book, High Country, is due to be released in February 2004! Visit her official site for information about her upcoming booksigning tour !

Meet Nevada Barr

  • Nevada Barr Official Website - Direct from Clinton, Mississippi, to you! It doesn't get any better than this, and be sure to check out her "CD About Me."
  • Nevada Barr - Author profile and megalinks by the Mississippi Writers Page (thorough and beautiful biography)
  • Nevada Barr - The Mississippi Writers and Musicians Project of Starkville High School (contains biography, interviews, and more!)
  • Dead Men Don't Wear Drab - Mystery writer Nevada Barr's stiff-brimmed recipe for murder,  by John Galvin, Outside Magazine, April 1996 
  • Crime Conference Information - From The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nevada's been there from time to time!
  • Mysteries To Die For - Great independent store visited by Nevada for a booksigning. She strongly supports small bookstores since they keep the food chain going for new authors, whereas larger stores do not. Support your local mystery bookstore today! 
  • Nevada Holds Out! - Glowing tribute to Nevada Barr from the editor of the Mystery Guild.
  • How I Became a Park Ranger - by Lynda Boose. Not an article on Nevada Barr, but rather about someone who "became" one of her characters at Isle Royale!
  • Rangers On the Web - [temporarily out-of-service as they move to a new web location] This is the real world of Nevada Barr. A site by and for Park Rangers,  including news updates of major crimes being committed in our National Parks. There are ranger bios, job opportunities, educational, law enforcement, graphics, and park operation links, among many others. Welcome home, rangers! Meet Ranger Rick Holt as he receives recognition for his internet efforts.
  • Dancing Badger Review - Great intro to and honest reviews of Nevada's Anna Pigeon books
  • The Pigeon Swoops Manhattan - interviews Nevada Barr
  • Cumberland Researcher Settles With Author - Newspaper account explaining why Marty in Endangered Species is now a man in the paperback. Hold on to your copies before the sex change. They may become a collector's item one day!
  • Novelist Nevada Barr's Home On the Range - Interview by Randy Dotinga, west coast correspondent of APB News, ("...the first news-centered network devoted exclusively to crime, justice and safety")
  • Nevada Barr: You're Not Going To Get Rich Saving the World - iVillagers at  interview Nevada Barr (transcript from their live author event)
  • How Nevada Spent her 2001 Summer Vacation - Mississippi College Offers Fiction Writing Class Taught by Nevada Barr
  • The Writer's Craft - Hear Nevada talk about her books Blood Lure, Hunting Season, Flashback, and Hunting Season (brought to you by Bill Thompson's Eye on Books)
  • Mystery Guild Author Interview - Nevada speaks in depth about her creative process, acting, touring, and what lies ahead

Nevada Barr Book List

  • Bittersweet (1984) - Nevada's first novel has been reprinted! "...Barr tells an extraordinary story of two women in the Old West, not only pioneers but lovers forced to keep their love a secret...Barr succeeds in conveying the meaning of these brave and desperate lives."
  • Seeking Enlightenment... Hat by Hat (2003) - Nevada charts the course of her spiritual evolution in a series of essays, each chapter "offering a truth or an answer forged through experience and deep reflection, and a nugget of insight certain to encourage thought and discussion among readers who may, in turn, find their own spiritual language."
Anna Pigeon Novels:
  • Track of the Cat (1993) - Anna Pigeon in the Guadalupe Mountains (1994 Agatha Award for Best First Mystery Novel) 
  • A Superior Death (1994) - Anna Pigeon dives into Lake Superior at Isle Royale
  • Ill Wind (1995) - Anna Pigeon and mysteries of the Anasazi in Mesa Verde
  • Firestorm (1996) - Anna Pigeon under fire in Lassen Volcanic National Park
  • Endangered Species (1997) - Anna Pigeon on Georgia's Cumberland Island National Seashore
  • Blind Descent (1998) - Anna Pigeon inside Carlsbad Caverns
  • Liberty Falling (1999) - Anna Pigeon visits Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty at Liberty State Park
  • Deep South (2000) - Anna Pigeon as a district ranger on the Natchez Trace Parkway
  • Blood Lure (2001) - Anna Pigeon and grizzly bears in Montana's Glacier National Park 
  • Hunting Season (2002) - We're back to the Trace in 2002! We can get some clues in this recent interview with Stephanie Zwilley, "On the Trail with Nevada Barr"
  • Flashback (2003) - Anna Pigeon on remote Garden Key in Dry Tortugas National Park
  • High Country (2004) - Anna Pigeon slinging hash in Yosemite National Park's historic Ahwahnee Hotel
  • Hard Truth (2005) - Anna Pigeon as District Ranger in Rocky Mountains National Park

Audio Books

National and State Park Sites in Nevada Barr Books

Track of the Cat A Superior Death Ill Wind Firestorm Endangered Species Blind Descent Liberty Falling Deep South and Hunting Season Blood Lure
  • Glacier National Park - Park overview for Blood Lure, including maps, brochures, road conditions, photo gallery, history, and more 
  • Webcams - View Glacier National Park from dawn to dusk. The view from the foot of Lake McDonald, near Apgar Village, is particularly beautiful and you can make a floating webcam window for your desktop which will refresh itself every 15 minutes.
  • Bear DNA Project - USGS research report of bear monitoring at Glacier National Park
  • Dry Tortugas National Park - Park overview for Flashback.
  • Fort Jefferson - Info on everything available at Dry Tortugas from birdwatching to snorkeling, including a page on history and shipwrecks.
  • Photo Gallery - Photos of what you will see when visiting Fort Jefferson.
  • Location Map - Fort Jefferson as one of Florida's Historic Places
  • Fast Cat II Ferry - One of the ferry pages for Fort Jefferson. This one is nice because it has a photo of one of Fort Jefferson's moats!
High Country
  • Yosemite National Park - Park overview for High Country at Just about anything you want to know about Yosemite can be found here.
  • The Ahwahnee - Official webpage for the hotel.
Hard Truth

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